You’re In the Jungle Baby!


In the years leading up to their super hit “Sweet Child ‘O Mine”, Guns ‘N Roses called the Sunset Strip their home, playing clubs like The Roxy and hanging out at the venerable Rainbow. Until their eventual signing with Geffen records and through various incarnations, GNR hit it big in 1987 and eventually took their rightful place on the charts and American rock ‘n roll history. Tonight, at The Roxy Theater, the next band in the lineup of best tribute bands, Guns 4 Roses took their turn on “The World’s Greatest Tribute Band” series LIVE on AXS.TV and hosted by the effervescent @KatieDaryl.  

All the way from Dallas, Texas, Guns 4 Roses showed West Hollywood that Texas can rock with the best of them taking on 10 of GNR’s top hits including “Welcome to the Jungle”, “Live and Let Die”, “Sweet Child ‘O Mine”, “Mr. Brownstone” and “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”. What we’ve seen already in this series has been the crème de la crème of tribute bands and G4R did not disappoint.

There was excitement brewing in the audience tonight, as many of the attendees already TWGTB veterans, stood in anticipation for the 8pm kickoff.  Many were fans of GNR, hoping to recapture some of the magic that was Axl Rose in his prime. When the curtain rose and the boys took the stage, everyone’s eyes opened a little wider and mouths dropped a little longer, because G4R rocked an explosive set any GNR fan would applaud. Jason Ferchand, as the puckish Axl Rose, dressed in leather, 90s grunge wear and bandana, merged vocals and mannerisms into a believable performance of the famous frontman.  Jason played to the camera, swaggered, rocked the iconic Axl dance move, taking complete control of the stage and our hearts.

Sense of humor appears tantamount to this group, as their stage names would imply – all carrying the “Izzy” moniker. Most notable was Izzy Slash with a spot on portrayal of the iconic rock caricature himself complete with lit cigarette dangling from his lips, a low slung Les Paul, and his trademark black top hat. Donning a head of massive black ringlets, Eamonn Gallagher     ripped on the classic guitar riffs as he took on the persona of rock’s illustrious bad boy. Completing the GNR picture: Chris Bender (Izzy Duff or Duff McKagen), David Semans (Izzy Izzy or Izzy Stradlin) and Martin “M” Turney (Izzy or Steven Adler) all great in their portrayals as well as their musicianship.  As the crowds exited the steamy Roxy Theater, YOU TELL CONCERTS got firsthand reviews from the fans – all exuberant thumbs up. 

Again, Katie Daryl and AXS.TV has brought another outstanding tribute band to their already stellar lineup.  Next week:  Alice In Cooperland. You won’t want to miss this one.  Alice Cooper, an American singer, songwriter and musician who’s career has spanned six decades and who made guillotines cool, incorporates theatrics that includes fake blood and dead babies into the hard rock genre. Don’t forget to bring the kiddies.   

For FREE Tickets.  Doors at The Roxy Theater open at 7PM.  Show starts promptly at 8PM.  You can watch LIVE at home on AXS.TV at 8PM. 

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