The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands Series Off to A Great Start!

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I can’t believe we’re already well into season 2 of the World’s Greatest Tribute Band series on AXS.TV hosted by the one and only @KatieDaryl.  The season opener: David Brighton and his tribute to David Bowie. Wow and wow and wow again. Not only does David have the look and mannerisms of Bowie but he’s got that unique vocal quality as well. As usual, a long line twisted down the Sunset strip with eager Bowie fans waiting to grab front row center. Many came decked out in vintage glitter and platform shoes, 70s era t-shirts and the works. David’s outstanding mimicry of the legendary David Bowie was undeniable and it was hard not to blur the line between the two. His performance portrayed three different decades of Bowie’s evolution and the appropriate costumes to go with them. Special guests during the performance include Mick Adams (The Ultimate Stones) and Greg Finsley (Queen Nation) performing the duets “Dancing in the Street” and “Under Pressure.”

IMG_6115PoliceExp IMG_6044PoliceExp IMG_6019PoliceExp IMG_5490PoliceExp

The Police Experience graced The Roxy stage the following Monday with their rendition of some of the bands greatest and most prolific songs. Fronted by bassist Sting, played by David Rasner, Andy Summers played by Jimbo Head and Stewart Copeland played by Mike Nieland, this trio captured the live essence of The Police with their ska and reggae influenced rifts.  The audience seemed enthralled by the performance, singing to tunes like “Roxanne” and “Driven to Tears.”  Once gain, kudos to Katie Daryl & AXS.TV on their outstanding band selections. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we look forward to more awesome performances this season

You can catch TWGTB series every Monday night at 8PM (live) and 11PM on AXS.TV. Check your local cable provider for the channel in your area. Also, check out AXS.TVs concert specials. They are fast becoming the new MTV for live music and offer some incredible shows every week.



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