The Winery Dogs | Promising Power Trio Debuts @ The Canyon Club

Richie Kotzen     :  Guitar / Lead Vocals / Keyboards
Mike Portnoy      :  Drums / Backing Vocals
Billy Sheehan     :  Bass / Lead Bass / Backing vocals

A lot of buzz about a power trio called THE WINERY DOGS has been stirring through the rock community as of late, but with material already available and an overseas tour under their belt, they are far from a rumor. Making their west coast debut at the Canyon Club in Agoura on October 3, these boys proved high-energy coupled with infectious melodic hooks not only soothes the soul but R-O-C-K-S the savage beast.  Guitarist/lead vocalist, Richie Kotzen, most know for his work with Mr. Big and Poison and as one of rock’s eminent guitarist and songwriter, supports the trio with influences of jazz, blues, soul and rock, sweeping riffs and incomparable vocals.  Mike Portnoy, drummer extraordinaire, most known for Avenged Sevenfold and Dream Theater, adds an edge and style reminiscent of Keith Moon and John Bonham. Portnoy, the ultimate showman, who’s drumming prowess combined with his comic stage antics is beyond entertaining.  Bassist, Billy Sheehan, who’s musical history includes Mr. Big,  is one of a kind. Sheehan is a show all his own and when given the spotlight always manages to hold an audiences attention with his impressive chops.

I’m excited about the future of The Winery Dogs. Songs with engaging hooks and melodies immersed with hard hitting rhythms employing a classic rock feel is something many rock aficionados have been waiting for. The Winery dogs embark on their US tour supporting their CD. Check out their website to see when they’re in your area and then GO see them.

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