The Tubes @ The Canyon Club


FEE WAYBILL          – Vocals
ROGER STEEN       – Guitar
DAVID MEDD           – Keys

I have been a lifelong fan of The Tubes but, sadly, never got a chance to see them live.  I was beyond myself to find out they were headlining The Canyon Club in Agoura on NYE 2013 and although I don’t make it a habit to go out on NYE, this would be my one exception.  Three of the original Tubes, Fee Waybill (vocals) , Prairie Prince (drums) and Roger Steen (guitar) performed a rousing nearly 2 hour set of Tubes classics, complete with costume changes, comical stories and beer spitting. Fee Waybill, the genius satirist and showman, still commands the stage like no other with his outlandish characters and multiple costumes changes.  Prairie Prince is an extraordinary drummer whose skill is demonstrated by songs with difficult rhythms and patterns.  On guitar, the great Roger Steen displays his exceptional skill and tongue-in-cheek performance.  On a night like New Year’s Eve, audiences are already excited with anticipation and with The Tubes at the helm you can guarantee there will be mayhem.  The set included “White Punks on Dope,” “She’s a Beauty,” “Talk to you Later”, “Prime Time”, and rock’s most loved character Quay Lude on ridiculous platform shoes.  Although scaled down from their heyday and without a female vocalist for one of my faves, “Don’t Touch Me There”, The Tubes succeeded in grabbing an audience of willing participants into their chaotic and whimsical world. After the New Year’s countdown, the Tubes came back to play two more songs, “Talk to you Later” and “Third Stone from the Sun” a classic by Jimi Hendrix. If The Tubes are playing in your area, I highly suggest you walk, don’t run, to see them.

Check out their website for upcoming shows.
The Tubes website

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