The Long Run

And so the celebration continues as AXS.TV “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” hosted by @KatieDaryl, presented THE LONG RUN, tribute to the Eagles. If you got a chance to see this on TV,  you know what I mean when I … Continue reading

The Winery Dogs | Promising Power Trio Debuts @ The Canyon Club

Richie Kotzen     :  Guitar / Lead Vocals / Keyboards Mike Portnoy      :  Drums / Backing Vocals Billy Sheehan     :  Bass / Lead Bass / Backing vocals A lot of buzz about a power trio called THE WINERY DOGS … Continue reading

People Are People

STRANGELOVE: a tribute to Depeche Mode Freddie Morales – Lead Vocals Brent Meyer – Keyboards, Guitar,  Percussion, Vocals Dave Sepe – Keyboards, Percussion, BG Vocals Jake Jordan – Keyboards, Percussion, BG Vocals From a decade that brought us The Eurythmics … Continue reading

The Iron Maidens Rock the Roxy

The Iron Maidens are: Courtney Cox – guitar Nikki Stringfield – guitar Wanda Ortiz – bass Kirsten Rosenberg – lead vocals Linda McDonald – drums “The World’s Greatest Tribute Band” series hosted by @KatieDaryl, has brought, yet, another impressive concert … Continue reading

Vodka Club Celebrates 10th Anniversary At the Roxy

Pictured above are The Moby Dicks, Vendrez, Femme Fatale, Roxanne and Divebomber.  It was a musical cornucopia of some of LAs hottest bands all coming out to celebrate Vodka Club’s 10th anniversary at the Roxy Theater. … Continue reading

Welcome to Cooperland

Alice in Cooperland perform on AXS.TV “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” series hosted by the lovely @KatieDaryl. Check their Facebook page for upcoming shows. You won’t regret it. … Continue reading

Steel Panther Wants to Rock Your Top Off

 Ralph Saenz as Michael Starr  Russ Parish as Satchel  Travis Haley as Lexxi Foxx  Darren Leader as Stix Zadinia This was my second time at a Steel Panther show. The first time, I knew I just had to get access … Continue reading

Hollywood U2 : Even Better than the Real Thing

  Hollywood U2  Joe Hier – Bono C.J. Macchia – The Edge Steve Judd – Larry Mullen, Jr. Mikhail Davies – Adam Clayton It happened again. “ The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” hosted by Katie Daryl for AXS.TV presented yet … Continue reading

Axs.TV Tribute Band Series Winds Down

Just a few months ago AXS.TV launched “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” series hosted by Katie Daryl at the iconic Sunset Strip venue, The Roxy, and each week the fans are bigger and better than ever. We’ve seen some great … Continue reading

Toluca Lake Hosts Jammers

The blues is alive and kicking on Wednesday nights in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. Toluca Lake is a posh, upscale neighborhood with homes ranging in the millions and famous neighbors like Jennifer Love Hewitt and the late-Bob Hope, … Continue reading