People Are People

STRANGELOVE: a tribute to Depeche Mode
Freddie Morales – Lead Vocals
Brent Meyer – Keyboards, Guitar,  Percussion, Vocals
Dave Sepe – Keyboards, Percussion, BG Vocals
Jake Jordan – Keyboards, Percussion, BG Vocals

From a decade that brought us The Eurythmics and Tears for Fears, synthesizers, some would say,  gave the electric guitar worthy competition for the spotlight. New wave, electronica, pop, whatever genre you choose, Depeche Mode’s use of synths and drum machines produced some of the decades most memorable riffs and dance tracks. On Monday, September 16, AXS TV “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” series hosted by @Katie Daryl, featured the band Strangelove, with their tribute to Depeche Mode. And yes, the unmistakable sound of 80s era sythn and track sequencing made this tribute extra special to diehard Depeche Mode fans.

Staying true to the original tracks, Strangelove performed an hour-long set of Depeche Mode’s most well-known tunes like “Just Can’t Get Enough”, “People Are People”, and “Get the Balance Right”. From the start, Freddie Morales,  lead vocalist and, shall we say, uber-sultry dancer, performed to an eager crowd of fans, who not only enjoyed singing along to the classics but whistled and hollered as Mr. Morales danced his way across the stage. I actually saw women reaching out to him trying to touch the foot of the charismatic performer. Now that’s hot. Brent Meyer, playing the part of the super-talented Martin Gore, took on synths, guitar and vocals, executing each one flawlessly. The stand-out of the night was Brent singing an electrifying ballad showing off his amazing vocal chops. And of course, Strangelove wouldn’t be a tribute to Depeche Mode without the plethora of synths and percussion sounds executed by Dave Sepe and Jake Jordan thus filling out the entire group collaboration.
Check out Strangelove’s FACEBOOK page and WEBSITE to see where they’re playing next.

It’s been a great second season of bands and I know fans of the show anxiously await a season three. (Fingers crossed)  Next week is the final and most anticipated tribute band of this season:  Led Zepagain.  Formed in 1989, this Los Angeles-based group has been called the best Led Zeppelin tribute band ever. As a very special treat, this show will be 90-minutes, so lots more of the Zep tunes you know and love. Check EVENTBRITE for tickets as soon as you can – tickets are selling out fast. If you can’t get to The Roxy or you’re unable to obtain tickets, please watch on AXS.TV at 8PM PT and then replayed again at 10PM PT.




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  1. Strangelove is the BEST tribute band out there!
    I noticed you didn’t get the members right though, the 4th member is not Jake Jordan, it is James Evans! For the record! : )

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