Ray Goren and the Generation Blues Experience



If you were outside Lucy’s 51, a small neighborhood bar and restaurant in Toluca Lake, California on Saturday night, you would without doubt recognize the sound of blues coming from inside and you would be right in assuming this music was coming from seasoned professionals who’ve spent their lives playing small clubs and bars. However, there’s one small caveat to this scenario, one of the musicians in this band is a 13-year old guitarist named Ray Goren and it’s his band.

Although Ray Goren is only 13-years old, he’s already had a lifetime of experience playing soulful, high-energy blues. This little axe-man started performing in bands at 9-years old with guys two and three times his age and it continued from there. Now with his own band, Ray Goren and the Generation Blues Experience,  he’s taking his show on the road, and dazzling audience with his musical prowess.

Last night’s performance was about as raw and riveting as you can get. Along with his band mates, Ray once again mesmerized the audience with his maturity and skill on the guitar all the while quipping and riffing along with his grandfatherly band mates.  Ray’s camaraderie with blues veteran Jamie Powell, who recently turned 79-years old by the way, was clearly present during the night, as both guitarists playfully traded guitar riffs back and forth.

While watching this kid phenom play, I couldn’t help but wonder what Ray’s school friends might be doing on this late Saturday night and would Ray go to school on Monday and talk about his gig and would his friends even understand.  I guess it really doesn’t matter, because what I saw was a 13-year old musician having a lot of fun playing and singing the blues. ‘Nuff said.

Ray Goren and the Generation Blues Experience with be back at Lucys’ 51 on June 15, so check their calendar. Also, check out Ray Goren’s website.


Sultry Blonde + Drama = 8mm


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The Sunset Strip on a Thursday night is just one day away from the weekend and although most of LA’s top acts strive for Friday or Saturday slots, it’s an undeniable bargain with cheaper parking rates and room to move.  And so heading out WeHo way on a weekday to see Indie rock group 8MM was a breeze.

Fronted by husband and wife team, Juliette and Sean Beavan, 8mm’s songs with their   thematic multi-layered sound, can be heard in movies and TV shows and have been featured on One Tree Hill, Mr & Mrs Smith, Grey’s Anatomy, and Moonlight. Just back from a multi-city tour, funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, 8mm played to a packed house at the Viper Room. Striking and sultry, Juliette offers the eye-candy and the pipes fronting a band of rotating bass, drums, and Sean Beavan on guitar and vocals. Tonight’s performance was not without controversy.  During the last song where Sean appeared  increasingly perturbed by some technical difficulties, he frantically pulls cables out of his pedal board culminating to smashing a guitar on stage. A fitting dramatic end to a sultry and intoxicating show.

“Between the Devil and Two Black Hearts” is available on the 8mm website. Then go to their Facebook and give them some love.  We’ll keep you posted on upcoming shows and videos — stay tuned.