Vodka Club Celebrates 10th Anniversary At the Roxy

Pictured above are The Moby Dicks, Vendrez, Femme Fatale, Roxanne and Divebomber.  It was a musical cornucopia of some of LAs hottest bands all coming out to celebrate Vodka Club’s 10th anniversary at the Roxy Theater.

Welcome to Cooperland

Alice in Cooperland perform on AXS.TV “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” series hosted by the lovely @KatieDaryl. Check their Facebook page for upcoming shows. You won’t regret it.

You’re In the Jungle Baby!


In the years leading up to their super hit “Sweet Child ‘O Mine”, Guns ‘N Roses called the Sunset Strip their home, playing clubs like The Roxy and hanging out at the venerable Rainbow. Until their eventual signing with Geffen records and through various incarnations, GNR hit it big in 1987 and eventually took their rightful place on the charts and American rock ‘n roll history. Tonight, at The Roxy Theater, the next band in the lineup of best tribute bands, Guns 4 Roses took their turn on “The World’s Greatest Tribute Band” series LIVE on AXS.TV and hosted by the effervescent @KatieDaryl.  

All the way from Dallas, Texas, Guns 4 Roses showed West Hollywood that Texas can rock with the best of them taking on 10 of GNR’s top hits including “Welcome to the Jungle”, “Live and Let Die”, “Sweet Child ‘O Mine”, “Mr. Brownstone” and “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”. What we’ve seen already in this series has been the crème de la crème of tribute bands and G4R did not disappoint.

There was excitement brewing in the audience tonight, as many of the attendees already TWGTB veterans, stood in anticipation for the 8pm kickoff.  Many were fans of GNR, hoping to recapture some of the magic that was Axl Rose in his prime. When the curtain rose and the boys took the stage, everyone’s eyes opened a little wider and mouths dropped a little longer, because G4R rocked an explosive set any GNR fan would applaud. Jason Ferchand, as the puckish Axl Rose, dressed in leather, 90s grunge wear and bandana, merged vocals and mannerisms into a believable performance of the famous frontman.  Jason played to the camera, swaggered, rocked the iconic Axl dance move, taking complete control of the stage and our hearts.

Sense of humor appears tantamount to this group, as their stage names would imply – all carrying the “Izzy” moniker. Most notable was Izzy Slash with a spot on portrayal of the iconic rock caricature himself complete with lit cigarette dangling from his lips, a low slung Les Paul, and his trademark black top hat. Donning a head of massive black ringlets, Eamonn Gallagher     ripped on the classic guitar riffs as he took on the persona of rock’s illustrious bad boy. Completing the GNR picture: Chris Bender (Izzy Duff or Duff McKagen), David Semans (Izzy Izzy or Izzy Stradlin) and Martin “M” Turney (Izzy or Steven Adler) all great in their portrayals as well as their musicianship.  As the crowds exited the steamy Roxy Theater, YOU TELL CONCERTS got firsthand reviews from the fans – all exuberant thumbs up. 

Again, Katie Daryl and AXS.TV has brought another outstanding tribute band to their already stellar lineup.  Next week:  Alice In Cooperland. You won’t want to miss this one.  Alice Cooper, an American singer, songwriter and musician who’s career has spanned six decades and who made guillotines cool, incorporates theatrics that includes fake blood and dead babies into the hard rock genre. Don’t forget to bring the kiddies.   

For FREE Tickets.  Doors at The Roxy Theater open at 7PM.  Show starts promptly at 8PM.  You can watch LIVE at home on AXS.TV at 8PM. 

The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands Series Off to A Great Start!

IMG_4432BowieTribute IMG_4313BowieTribute IMG_4301BowieTribute IMG_4768BowieTribute

I can’t believe we’re already well into season 2 of the World’s Greatest Tribute Band series on AXS.TV hosted by the one and only @KatieDaryl.  The season opener: David Brighton and his tribute to David Bowie. Wow and wow and wow again. Not only does David have the look and mannerisms of Bowie but he’s got that unique vocal quality as well. As usual, a long line twisted down the Sunset strip with eager Bowie fans waiting to grab front row center. Many came decked out in vintage glitter and platform shoes, 70s era t-shirts and the works. David’s outstanding mimicry of the legendary David Bowie was undeniable and it was hard not to blur the line between the two. His performance portrayed three different decades of Bowie’s evolution and the appropriate costumes to go with them. Special guests during the performance include Mick Adams (The Ultimate Stones) and Greg Finsley (Queen Nation) performing the duets “Dancing in the Street” and “Under Pressure.”

IMG_6115PoliceExp IMG_6044PoliceExp IMG_6019PoliceExp IMG_5490PoliceExp

The Police Experience graced The Roxy stage the following Monday with their rendition of some of the bands greatest and most prolific songs. Fronted by bassist Sting, played by David Rasner, Andy Summers played by Jimbo Head and Stewart Copeland played by Mike Nieland, this trio captured the live essence of The Police with their ska and reggae influenced rifts.  The audience seemed enthralled by the performance, singing to tunes like “Roxanne” and “Driven to Tears.”  Once gain, kudos to Katie Daryl & AXS.TV on their outstanding band selections. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we look forward to more awesome performances this season

You can catch TWGTB series every Monday night at 8PM (live) and 11PM on AXS.TV. Check your local cable provider for the channel in your area. Also, check out AXS.TVs concert specials. They are fast becoming the new MTV for live music and offer some incredible shows every week.



Steel Panther Wants to Rock Your Top Off

  •  Ralph Saenz as Michael Starr
  •  Russ Parish as Satchel
  •  Travis Haley as Lexxi Foxx
  •  Darren Leader as Stix Zadinia

This was my second time at a Steel Panther show. The first time, I knew I just had to get access to photograph them, because, frankly, these guys are off the chain freakin’ awesome.  Aptly named, Michael Starr on lead vocals/guitars, Satchel on lead guitar, Lexxi Foxx on bass and Stix Zadinia on drums, these 80s glam metal Gods meet Spinal Tap on uber steroids are living caricatures. Most Mondays Steel Panther headlines the House of Blues in West Hollywood and you can bet the house will be packed with SP fans of which many are celebrities from the film-tv and music world.

So what can you expect when you go to a Steel Panther concert? Lots of raunchy talk, heavy metal music, rock star guests and oh yes, girls on stage taking their tops off. What?!  SP shows are notorious for attracting the exhibitionists among us, or with a little coaxing and a lot of alcohol girls willing to expose their boobs on stage. For the most part, it’s all in good fun and some of these girls appear to make repeat visits. Uh-huh. Both times I’ve seen them there have been special guests from major hard rock and metal bands sitting in with the boys kicking proverbial ass.

Steel Panther plays both covers and their own original material, however don’t let the makeup and silliness fool you, these guys are pros and some of the best musicians I’ve seen in LA.  Quips and one liners between songs are fast and furious, picking out audience members and off-color jokes, are all a part of the fun. Currently Steel Panther is in the studio finishing up an album and if it’s anything like their previous one, “Balls Out,” you can bet it will be another irreverent foray.

I highly recommend experiencing a Steel Panther show, especially if you’re a fan of 80s metal, but be forewarned, content is X-rated, so if you plan to bring a date, make sure they’re cool with that. You can check out their website for more details.

Rumours Nostalgic Tribute to 1970s Fleetwood Mac


We’ve seen some incredible performances this season for the AXS.TV. series The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands, hosted by @KatieDaryl, and we’ve witnessed the enormous appeal these bands bring to their diehard fans. To round off season one, Rumours, a group that captivated with their performance of 1970s era Fleetwood Mac, not only dressed and sounded the part but incorporated musical instruments and amps of that era to complete an overall authenticity to their show. As the curtain went up for the live broadcast, the first song of the set “The Chain” introduced us to the cast of characters.  Dressed in Stevie Nick’s iconic flowing dress and shawl, Jessika Miller, embodied the songstress with her flowing blonde hair and signature twirls. Standing next to her, the other half of Buckingham-Nicks, Taylor Locke, taking on the character of Lindsey Buckingham, dressed in an all-white 70s style suit and matching fedora. The rest of the cast included on keyboards, Rebecca Fishman with her understated portrayal of Christine McVie; On bass as John McVie, Nic Johns in baseball jersey and shorts; and as Mick Fleetwood himself the very tall Ned Brower.

AXS.TV is taking a few weeks off before the start of season 2.  Some of the bands we’ll get to see starting July 15 – David  Brighton as David Bowie, Alice Cooperland (Alice Cooper), Led Zepagain (Led Zeppelin), and many, many more surprises. Thanks to @Katie Daryl for allowing me photo access and for her support and posting of my photos to AXS.TV twitter & Facebook. It’s been an incredible journey and I look forward to next season as I get to document season 2 of TWGTB.







Hollywood U2 : Even Better than the Real Thing


Hollywood U2 
Joe Hier – Bono
C.J. Macchia – The Edge
Steve Judd – Larry Mullen, Jr.
Mikhail Davies – Adam Clayton

It happened again. “ The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” hosted by Katie Daryl for AXS.TV presented yet another incredible band at the Roxy last night, Hollywood U2.  Wow and wow. These guys blew the roof off with their engaging performance of U2s greatest and best-loved songs. Starting the set with the apropos “Even Better than the Real Thing”, Joe Hier immediately captured the audiences attention with his Bono-esque swagger and iconic look.   

Musically, the band held their own. C.J. Macchia emulated The Edge’s signature guitar sounds and riffs as he stood stoically in the mist of the smoke-filled stage and Steve Judd and Mikhail Davies, who provided the solid backbeat, played their parts convincingly. C.J. and Joe fed off each other with crowd pleasing stage antics as they wrestled to the ground and Joe swinging a large stage light towards C.J. and then flashing it into the crowd, all while the audience went crazy singing the songs and reaching out their hands to the band.

The night ended with “Where the Streets Have No Name.” And as the audience inched closer to the stage and Joe Hier jumped on top of the monitor, there was an uncanny sense that you were actually watching Bono spur the crowd to join in as he took command of the house.  What a thrilling end to an awesome show.  These guys are maybe even better than the real thing.

Set List
Even Better Than the Real Thing                      
Until the End of the World                               
Bullet the Blue Sky
New Year’s Day                                             
Sunday Bloody Sunday                        
Beautiful Day                                                   
The Sweetest Thing
With Or Without You                                      
All I Want is You
Where the Streets Have no Name


Hollywood U2 tours both nationally and internationally, has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows around the country and is deemed The World’s Leading U2 Tribute Band. After 10 years, these guys are certainly the real thing when it comes to tribute bands and they know how to entertain a crowd. Hollywood U2 is available for all sorts of private and public events: corporate events, summer concerts in the park, weddings, birthday parties (lots of 40th’s), fundraisers, premiers and pre and post U2 concert celebrations. But I think after their mind-blowing performance on AXS.TV they may be in very high demand. My recommendation is to see them as soon as you can.

AXS.TV “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” hosted by @Katie Daryl airs Mondays at 8PM and 11PM.  Tickets are FREE and can be purchased at EVENTBRITE. These shows are hugely popular so you’re urged to get to The Roxy early.  There’s ONLY one more show for Season 1:  Rumours (Fleetwood Mac) June 10.

Axs.TV Tribute Band Series Winds Down


Katie Daryl introduces Kenny Metcalf as Elton John

Just a few months ago AXS.TV launched “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” series hosted by Katie Daryl at the iconic Sunset Strip venue, The Roxy, and each week the fans are bigger and better than ever. We’ve seen some great bands hit the stage like, “Damage Inc. (Metallica), DSB (Journey), Queen Nation (Queen), Wild Child (The Doors) and Kenny Metcalf (Elton John) and although season one is winding down, the party’s not over. In the coming weeks Hollywood U2 (U2) and Rumours (Fleetwood Mac) are scheduled as the finale band to this successful run. Katie Daryl, who both hosts and produces the show, scouts out the world’s best tribute bands for a chance to be seen on national TV.  Already, many of the bands are reaping the benefits of national exposure by increased traffic to their social media and more gigs. Will AXS.TV keep the party going? Will there be a season two?  According to a recent interview with Katie Daryl for Vegas Rocks! magazine, season two is in the works. Stay tuned.

Toluca Lake Hosts Jammers

The blues is alive and kicking on Wednesday nights in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. Toluca Lake is a posh, upscale neighborhood with homes ranging in the millions and famous neighbors like Jennifer Love Hewitt and the late-Bob Hope, but on Wednesday night it feels more like a Chicago blues joint. The Bobby “Hurricane” Spencer All-Star Blues Jam at Lucy’s 51, is an ongoing Wednesday night jam and provides an outlet for musicians to get up and do their thing.  All types of musicians are encouraged to sit in with the band and all types of blues are welcome; just get there early to sign in. This place packs in fast and on any given night you never know who might show.  A welcoming group of friendly people is what you’ll find so there’s no excuse not to come down and join in on all the fun.  _________________________________________________________________________

Lucy’s 51 – 10149 Riverside Dr., Toluca Lake, CA 91602  | Wednesdays 8:00 – 12:00  | Amps, drums and keyboard available. | No cover, but please support the band and the venue by purchasing drinks and food.

Damage Inc : Live and Unleashed


I’m six weeks into one of the best experiences in my life, covering the AXS.TV live concert series: “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands.” Every week, the bands and the audiences seem to get bigger and better. I don’t know if Katie Daryl, the shows vivacious host, planned it that way or if word is getting around. Either way, I think AXS.TV’s idea of showcasing some of the best of the best tribute bands is genius. This weeks show proved even more explosive and metally-er with Damage Inc’s tribute to Metallica.

I was running a little late to the Roxy and knew if I didn’t get in those doors before the masses I would never be able to secure my prime position at the stage. At 7:00 PM, when the doors opened, the line was already down the Strip, but somehow I managed to squeeze myself between the white line and the jib. The white line you ask?  A no stand zone, but standing so close to the line also meant the jib would be dangerously close and even worse in my shot. Still I knew the angle would be great for crowd shots and side angles of the singer.  Nearing show time, The Roxy was filling to capacity with hardcore Damage Inc fans clamoring for their fill of Metallica.

As the curtain rose and the crowd raised their devil horns in the air Damage Inc started their set with Metallica’s most commercial success, “Enter Sandman.”   Now, I know this band wasn’t actually Metallica but Chris Knight’s resemblance to James Hetfield was undeniable, giving an extra edge to his performance, which by the way was spot-on vocals and guitar.  By the faces in the crowd, I knew they were thinking the same thing and it didn’t matter that these guys weren’t the real thing, they were immersed in the down and dirty head banging experience.

With sweat pouring down their faces, these guys put on a high-energy performance suited for the likes of large concert venues like the Staples Center. The pure metal explosion of Chris Brightwell’s guitar work, not only captured the solos note-for-note, but expertly crafted Kirk Hammet’s guitar tone so crucial to the Metallica sound.  Playing to the edge of the stage,bassist Kevin Knight urged the crowd to join in vocally and physically, all the while demonstrating amazing chops, while Tone Decorte, on drums, displayed raw drum banging ecstasy.

When I first started photographing this series, I didn’t realize the scope these bands had.  I was unaware of the number of loyal fans who followed and treated them just like their rock star counterparts. The love and passion these tribute bands have for the artists they represent is unquestionable. Damage Inc, with their Metallica fan base filled the Roxy on this Monday night, but they weren’t just Metallica fans, they were also Damage Inc. fans.


AXS.TV “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” hosted by @Katie Daryl airs Mondays at 8PM and 11PM.  Tickets are FREE and can be purchased at EVENTBRITE. These shows are hugely popular so you’re urged to get to The Roxy early.  There’s two more shows that will finish out Season 1:  Hollywood U2 (U2) June 3;  Rumours (Fleetwood Mac) June 10. 

Stay Tuned for Season 2