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ytcheader_01Lorn Poppinoff LOVES to go to concerts. If you’ve ever met Lorn you will never forget him.  He’s probably the most exuberant person I’ve ever met. You Tell Concerts takes its cameras to the people and gives them the opportunity to voice their opinions on concerts. YTC goes directly to the concert goer, right after they’re leaving the club, you know, still in that music afterglow and maybe one or two drinks in. With his signature glasses and he’s unmistakable lust for concerts, Lorn produces his videos for You Tell Concerts and other outlets including AXS.TV The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands.

Logo_WhiteWB1Music Connection magazine has a digital division, with all kinds of reviews and music news, just like the good old paper magazine. I’ve been contributing images to MC for their digital slideshow and they’ve reciprocated by providing a link to my website. MC is your best publication for everything LA music scene. Scroll to the bottom of the page to check out mine and other photographer’s images.

Renee Silverman Photography

Renee Silverman Photography

I provide photography services for all events, live concerts, portraits, actor headshots, musician/band shots, senior portraits, and more. Making sure my clients feel comfortable and at ease is my…

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