The Long Run

And so the celebration continues as AXS.TV “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” hosted by @KatieDaryl, presented THE LONG RUN, tribute to the Eagles. If you got a chance to see this on TV,  you know what I mean when I … Continue reading

The Winery Dogs | Promising Power Trio Debuts @ The Canyon Club

Richie Kotzen     :  Guitar / Lead Vocals / Keyboards Mike Portnoy      :  Drums / Backing Vocals Billy Sheehan     :  Bass / Lead Bass / Backing vocals A lot of buzz about a power trio called THE WINERY DOGS … Continue reading

People Are People

STRANGELOVE: a tribute to Depeche Mode Freddie Morales – Lead Vocals Brent Meyer – Keyboards, Guitar,  Percussion, Vocals Dave Sepe – Keyboards, Percussion, BG Vocals Jake Jordan – Keyboards, Percussion, BG Vocals From a decade that brought us The Eurythmics … Continue reading

The Iron Maidens Rock the Roxy

The Iron Maidens are: Courtney Cox – guitar Nikki Stringfield – guitar Wanda Ortiz – bass Kirsten Rosenberg – lead vocals Linda McDonald – drums “The World’s Greatest Tribute Band” series hosted by @KatieDaryl, has brought, yet, another impressive concert … Continue reading

Vodka Club Celebrates 10th Anniversary At the Roxy

Pictured above are The Moby Dicks, Vendrez, Femme Fatale, Roxanne and Divebomber.  It was a musical cornucopia of some of LAs hottest bands all coming out to celebrate Vodka Club’s 10th anniversary at the Roxy Theater. … Continue reading

Welcome to Cooperland

Alice in Cooperland perform on AXS.TV “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” series hosted by the lovely @KatieDaryl. Check their Facebook page for upcoming shows. You won’t regret it. … Continue reading