Images from 2014 Los Angeles Events

Southern Culture on the Skids, Kristinia DeBarge, Jane’s Addiction, Justin Shandor as Elvis Presley.

Tribute mania on the Sunset Strip

Photos taken at The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands LIVE broadcast on AXS.TV at the world’s famous Whisky a Go-Go.  Bands include No Duh (No Doubt), True 2 Crue (Motley Crue) and The PettyBreakers (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers).

The Long Run

And so the celebration continues as AXS.TV “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” hosted by @KatieDaryl, presented THE LONG RUN, tribute to the Eagles. If you got a chance to see this on TV,  you know what I mean when I say these guys were scary good.  If you live in the Los Angeles area get yourself down to the Whisky A-go-go on Monday nights. There are plenty of exciting acts yet to come like No Duh (No Doubt), The Petty Breakers (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) and next week’s Garth Guy (Garth Brooks). The show is 100% FREE and 100% LIVE. Grab your tickets on EVENTBRITE or tune in at 8PM (PT) on your local cable channel.

It’s Back . . . “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” Returns for Season 3

PURPLE REIGN : A Tribute to Prince

January 6, 2014 kicked off season three of AXS.TV’s The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands hosted by @KatieDaryl with a salute to Prince by Purple Reign.  The first ever tribute band to perform on the David Letterman show, Purple Reign headlines at the Sin City Theater in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas and holds the crown for “Best Tribute Act” of 2009.  A reminder of a time when spandex, glitter, excess and a desire to party like it’s “1999” reigned supreme, this group not only embodies the soul of the era but conjures up one of popular music’s most prolific songwriter, showman and undeniable genius. With classic hits like Raspberry Beret, Little Red Corvette, and Kiss, Jason Tenner brings to life the multi-faceted Prince so convincingly you’d swear it was the man himself.  Backed by a band of solid musicians, these guys rocked the roof off the 50 year-old Whisky a-go-go in West Hollywood, California plus as an extra added bonus surprised the crowd with a Morris Day and the Time performance of Jungle Love which was outta this world crazy. If you’re in the Las Vegas area I recommend checking out their show at Planet Hollywood. I know I will.  

Check out Purple Reign’s FACEBOOK page for updates.


BELLA DONNA :  A Tribute to Stevie Nicks

Michelle Tyler –  Lead Vocals
Bob Weitz – Guitar, Vocals
Bruce Lawrence – Gutar, Vocals
Ken Dayton – Keys
Richard Graham – Keys, Drums
Rick Thibodeau – Bass,Vocals
Steve Giba – Drums
Shari Rhone – Vocals
Will Phillips – Percussion

And then there was week two of The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands hosted by @KatieDaryl with a tribute to the incomparable Stevie Nicks by Bella Donna.  Presenting the works of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac for 12 years, Bella Donna are unmatched in their stage performance and execution of great classic hits like Talk to Me, Stand Back, Rhiannon, and Edge of Seventeen. Michelle Tyler, hauntingly, is the personification of Stevie Nicks not only in appearance but in mannerisms and  vocals as she blends into one of rocks most captivating performer. The array of musicianship in Bella Donna and their execution of the songs are outstanding in both technical accuracy and enthusiasm. Tribute bands like Bella Donna don’t get the chance to appear on national television. They are hard-working musicians, playing all types of venues, large and small, traveling miles and miles to do their shows. Bella Donna had that brass ring tonight and they knew it and the audience knew it because they set the Whisky a-go-go on fire.

Check out Bella Donna FACEBOOK page and then go see them LIVE.

Monday 8PM PST on AXS.TV  “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” 100% LIVE and that means anything can happen. Right?!  If you’re in the Los Angeles area and want to join in on the fun, tickets are FREE through Eventbrite. Come on down to the Whisky a-go-go and be a part of the show. You never know who might drop in – Elton John, Bono, David Bowie?  

Next Monday – Rhymin’ N Stealin’ – A Tribute to the Beastie Boys! Yo! 






The Tubes @ The Canyon Club


FEE WAYBILL          – Vocals
ROGER STEEN       – Guitar
DAVID MEDD           – Keys

I have been a lifelong fan of The Tubes but, sadly, never got a chance to see them live.  I was beyond myself to find out they were headlining The Canyon Club in Agoura on NYE 2013 and although I don’t make it a habit to go out on NYE, this would be my one exception.  Three of the original Tubes, Fee Waybill (vocals) , Prairie Prince (drums) and Roger Steen (guitar) performed a rousing nearly 2 hour set of Tubes classics, complete with costume changes, comical stories and beer spitting. Fee Waybill, the genius satirist and showman, still commands the stage like no other with his outlandish characters and multiple costumes changes.  Prairie Prince is an extraordinary drummer whose skill is demonstrated by songs with difficult rhythms and patterns.  On guitar, the great Roger Steen displays his exceptional skill and tongue-in-cheek performance.  On a night like New Year’s Eve, audiences are already excited with anticipation and with The Tubes at the helm you can guarantee there will be mayhem.  The set included “White Punks on Dope,” “She’s a Beauty,” “Talk to you Later”, “Prime Time”, and rock’s most loved character Quay Lude on ridiculous platform shoes.  Although scaled down from their heyday and without a female vocalist for one of my faves, “Don’t Touch Me There”, The Tubes succeeded in grabbing an audience of willing participants into their chaotic and whimsical world. After the New Year’s countdown, the Tubes came back to play two more songs, “Talk to you Later” and “Third Stone from the Sun” a classic by Jimi Hendrix. If The Tubes are playing in your area, I highly suggest you walk, don’t run, to see them.

Check out their website for upcoming shows.
The Tubes website

The Winery Dogs | Promising Power Trio Debuts @ The Canyon Club

Richie Kotzen     :  Guitar / Lead Vocals / Keyboards
Mike Portnoy      :  Drums / Backing Vocals
Billy Sheehan     :  Bass / Lead Bass / Backing vocals

A lot of buzz about a power trio called THE WINERY DOGS has been stirring through the rock community as of late, but with material already available and an overseas tour under their belt, they are far from a rumor. Making their west coast debut at the Canyon Club in Agoura on October 3, these boys proved high-energy coupled with infectious melodic hooks not only soothes the soul but R-O-C-K-S the savage beast.  Guitarist/lead vocalist, Richie Kotzen, most know for his work with Mr. Big and Poison and as one of rock’s eminent guitarist and songwriter, supports the trio with influences of jazz, blues, soul and rock, sweeping riffs and incomparable vocals.  Mike Portnoy, drummer extraordinaire, most known for Avenged Sevenfold and Dream Theater, adds an edge and style reminiscent of Keith Moon and John Bonham. Portnoy, the ultimate showman, who’s drumming prowess combined with his comic stage antics is beyond entertaining.  Bassist, Billy Sheehan, who’s musical history includes Mr. Big,  is one of a kind. Sheehan is a show all his own and when given the spotlight always manages to hold an audiences attention with his impressive chops.

I’m excited about the future of The Winery Dogs. Songs with engaging hooks and melodies immersed with hard hitting rhythms employing a classic rock feel is something many rock aficionados have been waiting for. The Winery dogs embark on their US tour supporting their CD. Check out their website to see when they’re in your area and then GO see them.

People Are People

STRANGELOVE: a tribute to Depeche Mode
Freddie Morales – Lead Vocals
Brent Meyer – Keyboards, Guitar,  Percussion, Vocals
Dave Sepe – Keyboards, Percussion, BG Vocals
Jake Jordan – Keyboards, Percussion, BG Vocals

From a decade that brought us The Eurythmics and Tears for Fears, synthesizers, some would say,  gave the electric guitar worthy competition for the spotlight. New wave, electronica, pop, whatever genre you choose, Depeche Mode’s use of synths and drum machines produced some of the decades most memorable riffs and dance tracks. On Monday, September 16, AXS TV “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” series hosted by @Katie Daryl, featured the band Strangelove, with their tribute to Depeche Mode. And yes, the unmistakable sound of 80s era sythn and track sequencing made this tribute extra special to diehard Depeche Mode fans.

Staying true to the original tracks, Strangelove performed an hour-long set of Depeche Mode’s most well-known tunes like “Just Can’t Get Enough”, “People Are People”, and “Get the Balance Right”. From the start, Freddie Morales,  lead vocalist and, shall we say, uber-sultry dancer, performed to an eager crowd of fans, who not only enjoyed singing along to the classics but whistled and hollered as Mr. Morales danced his way across the stage. I actually saw women reaching out to him trying to touch the foot of the charismatic performer. Now that’s hot. Brent Meyer, playing the part of the super-talented Martin Gore, took on synths, guitar and vocals, executing each one flawlessly. The stand-out of the night was Brent singing an electrifying ballad showing off his amazing vocal chops. And of course, Strangelove wouldn’t be a tribute to Depeche Mode without the plethora of synths and percussion sounds executed by Dave Sepe and Jake Jordan thus filling out the entire group collaboration.
Check out Strangelove’s FACEBOOK page and WEBSITE to see where they’re playing next.

It’s been a great second season of bands and I know fans of the show anxiously await a season three. (Fingers crossed)  Next week is the final and most anticipated tribute band of this season:  Led Zepagain.  Formed in 1989, this Los Angeles-based group has been called the best Led Zeppelin tribute band ever. As a very special treat, this show will be 90-minutes, so lots more of the Zep tunes you know and love. Check EVENTBRITE for tickets as soon as you can – tickets are selling out fast. If you can’t get to The Roxy or you’re unable to obtain tickets, please watch on AXS.TV at 8PM PT and then replayed again at 10PM PT.



The Iron Maidens Rock the Roxy

The Iron Maidens are:
Courtney Cox – guitar
Nikki Stringfield – guitar
Wanda Ortiz – bass
Kirsten Rosenberg – lead vocals
Linda McDonald – drums

“The World’s Greatest Tribute Band” series hosted by @KatieDaryl, has brought, yet, another impressive concert to The Roxy Theater: The Iron Maidens, an all female tribute to rock’s legendary British band Iron Maiden. The music of Iron Maiden is intricate and complex and these talented musicians proved their competency while executing some of Iron Maiden’s toughest songs. Formed in 2001, these ladies have been touring the globe playing venues of all sizes. I had the distinct pleasure to meet Courtney Cox and Wanda Ortiz during a radio interview on Kong Monsterrock where I discovered a few interesting things about these ladies. Wanda Ortiz, bassist, is also classically trained and when not playing with the Maidens performs with orchestras on the double-bass. She is also on the board of directors to keep music alive in schools. Courtney’s been with the band for 4 years and she’s the youngest member at 24-years old. A self-taught guitarist, Courtney also plays lead guitar with the band Femme Fatale. As always The Roxy Theater was packed with adoring fans cheering and singing along. As soon as the curtain rose this powerhouse team came out with a bang, commanding the stage with their energy and enthusiasm. It was evident why these ladies were selected as the best.

Check out The Iron Maidens website and facebook  to see where they’re playing next. This is one tribute band you must see live. There are only 2 more weeks left in season 2 of the series,  so if you’ve been dreaming of coming out to the world’s famous Roxy on the Sunset Strip, go to EVENTBRITE.COM and order tickets for STRANGELOVE (Depeche Mode) 9/16 and/or LED ZEPAGAIN 9/23. The show is 100% LIVE!  

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